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Why Bandhan Matrimony?
  • We care: We care for your needs, interests, and emotions. We want to make your life beautiful
  • Uniqueness: Unlike most of the matrimonial services out there, we work very closely with you and hand pick right profiles to save your time as well as make things smoother for you
  • Quality: We do thorough background check to ensure we only provide genuine profiles with accurate information
  • Privacy: We honor your privacy and only share minimum necessary information until we have your permission to move forward
  • Network: We have large network in USA, India, and other countries, so finding a person with your country of choice is not a distant dream
  • We are with you, in every step until you are satisfied – we provide end to end services, right from picking the partner, making wedding arrangements, conducting the ceremony, providing pre and post-marriage counseling, etc.
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